2013 Update

Hey guys. Wanted to take a few minutes and catch you up on how things are going with us here at the Class-C Block. It’s been a crazy 2013 already and things are proving to not slow down much. As most of you know CJ has transitioned to a new on Facebook’s Datacenter networking team. This is a huge opportunity for him; however , it involves moving his family literally across the country (they lived in NY before). So while all this transition is going on we’ve decided to take a month or so break from the podcast so CJ can get fully moved and settled. I’m (Matt Stone) hoping to get a chance to go up and visit him soon and finally meet face to face. If that works out we plan to record a live show together and post it.

In any case I wanted to let you all know that for the next month or so we might be pretty quiet as we try and get CJ acclimated to his new job and life in Cali!

So everyone send a tweet to him (@cjinfantino) and let him know how cool he is.

Matt S.