What is The Class-C Block?

The Class-C Block is a show dedicated to all things networking and nerdy. It is the most awesomest place – it is where you want to be. It is the brain child of Matthew Stone and CJ Infantino. The show discusses a variety of networking topics, and occasionally drifts into other nerdy topics.

Matthew and CJ are passionate about networking, and are looking to  share as much as possible with others in the community. They are experts at not being experts.

Matthew and CJ record, edit, and bedazzle the content for this show in their spare time, on their own dime.


How can I get on the show?

If you’re crazy enough to want to chat with them, or have a great idea for a show, you can contact them.



This show is created and produced by Matthew Stone and CJ Infantino. All views and opinions are their own. They are not the opinions or views of any company, or the companies affiliates that Matthew or CJ may work for.

This show is created and produced in their own free time, of their own free will. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact them.


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