Show 18 – Docker Networking

EXPLODING back into action in 2016 is the Class C Block, keeping up our legendary breakneck pace of 2 shows a year. Try to keep up.

With show #18, we’re joined by two very special guests, who started a company called Socketplane back in late 2014, which was very quickly acquired by Docker in early 2015. They’ve been working hard on bringing a robust, yet simple networking solution into the Docker ecosystem.

It was a lot of fun to chat with these gents, especially considering that so much has changed for everyone since we had them on last time, for show #12.

Our guests are:

We also discussed the “Gopher-Net” organization on Github – if you’re involved with Golang and/or networking, stop on by!

Show 17 – Containers and IPv6

NOTE – This show occurred in May 2015, and we’re a bunch of dum dumbs that didn’t make a blog post about it. So, if you’re wondering why the date on the video is totally different from the date on the blog post, that’s why. Sorry about that!

For show #17, we were joined by two friends from the networking community to talk about containers and IPv6. We felt like the explosion of containers to provide even greater application density was going to place even more of an emphasis on migrating to IPv6 in order to provide a scalable network infrastructure for these next-generation applications, so we brought on a few folks to talk about this:


Show 16 – Ansible and Network Automation

For show #16, we were pleased to be joined by some fellow automation junkies to talk about network automation in general, and a little bit about our current obsession, Ansible.

In this episode, we talk about what it would take to move network automation  out of the “fear” stage and actually begin to use it for production network changes. We discuss the role of current DevOps tools like Ansible in this effort, and then segue into a more general discussion about the state of the industry, and all of the buzzwords that fly by our heads on a daily basis.

For this episode, we’re joined by:

This is a “don’t miss” episode – hope you enjoy it!

Show 15 – Cumulus Linux

In this show, we sit down with a few cool cats to talk about one of the hottest topics in open networking – Cumulus Linux. We discuss what Cumulus Linux is, how we think it fits in the market, and experiences from those that have used it.

For this episode, we’re joined by:


Show 14 – The SDN Trinity

Special thanks to Anthony Burke (@pandom_) and Kurt Bales (@networkjanitor) for joining us on this show. We sat down and talked about the three bigs in the SDN market right now: Cisco ACI, Juniper Contrail, and VMWare NSX. We try to keep it balanced and fair and discuss the pros/cons from what is known about the technologies today.


OpenStack video referenced in show


Show 13 – OpenDaylight, SDN, and Tomorrow’s Network Engineer

For show number 13, we’re joined by a few folks who have really made an impact in the community surrounding SDN, and Open Source, specifically in the OpenDaylight project. In this show, we walk about OpenDaylight, general SDN, control plane, management plane, and more.

We also discuss the role of the network engineer when it comes to SDN projects like this, and how you can still contribute, whether you’re ready to write code with the pros, or completely new to it all.

“[OpenDaylight] is certainly sexy, but it’s not porn.” –Madhu Venugopal



Madhu Venugopal –@MadhuVenugopal

Ed Henry –@NetworkN3rd

Brent Salisbury –@networkstatic


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Show 12 – Insieme and the Nexus 9000

For Show 12 we had the privilege of sitting down for an early look at Insieme’s new hardware and Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI). Joe Onisick lays out exactly what Insieme’s been doing and the hardware they have coming out. We also have James Bowling on the show to provide us with the perspective of the server and virtualization admin.


For more information about ACI visit cisco.com/go/aci


Joe Onisick – @jonisickdefinethecloud.net
James Bowling – @vsentialvsential.com



Show 11 – VMware NSX

In Show #11 we talk about overlay networking, and specifically VMware NSX, announced last week at VMworld 2013.

We were fortunate enough to be joined by Ivan Pepelnjak (@ioshints) for this episode, where we talk about some of the technical details and challenges behind an overlay networking approach.



Show 10 – Cisco Live 2013 Recap

This show is a recap of Cisco Live 2013. For this show, we’re joined by:

We talk about Cisco Live events, announcements, and even segway into technical topics like IPv6, LISP, SDN and more! We also talked a little bit about the upcoming VMworld 2013 (this show was recorded well before VMworld) and some of the products we’re excited to take a look at from that upcoming conference.

We talk about some of the Cisco Live announcements like:

  • The new Cisco Catalyst 6800 switch
  • The new Cisco Nexus 7700 switch
  • Dynamic Fabric Automation
  • The “Soft Launch” of Insieme at CLUS 2013



Show 9 – Jack of All Trades or Master of None?

This is a pretty laid back show where CJ, Matt O., and Matt S. talk about focusing on only one topic in your profession or becoming a “jack of all trades” of sorts.