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Show 12 – Insieme and the Nexus 9000

For Show 12 we had the privilege of sitting down for an early look at Insieme’s new hardware and Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI). Joe Onisick lays out exactly what Insieme’s been doing and the hardware they have coming out. We also haveĀ James Bowling on the show to provide us with the perspective of the server and virtualization admin.


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Joe Onisick –
James Bowling –



Show 10 – Cisco Live 2013 Recap

This show is a recap of Cisco Live 2013. For this show, we’re joined by:

We talk about Cisco Live events, announcements, and even segway into technical topics like IPv6, LISP, SDN and more! We also talked a little bit about the upcoming VMworld 2013 (this show was recorded well before VMworld) and some of the products we’re excited to take a look at from that upcoming conference.

We talk about some of the Cisco Live announcements like:

  • The new Cisco Catalyst 6800 switch
  • The new Cisco Nexus 7700 switch
  • Dynamic Fabric Automation
  • The “Soft Launch” of Insieme at CLUS 2013