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Show 17 – Containers and IPv6

NOTE – This show occurred in May 2015, and we’re a bunch of dum dumbs that didn’t make a blog post about it. So, if you’re wondering why the date on the video is totally different from the date on the blog post, that’s why. Sorry about that!

For show #17, we were joined by two friends from the networking community to talk about containers and IPv6. We felt like the explosion of containers to provide even greater application density was going to place even more of an emphasis on migrating to IPv6 in order to provide a scalable network infrastructure for these next-generation applications, so we brought on a few folks to talk about this:


Show 8 – Poking IPv6 with a stick

This show we had the Networking Nerd himself on to discuss IPv6, NAT and what the future may hold. You don’t want to miss this one!